What To Watch On TV: Tuesday Edition

February 26, 2008 By:

Quarterlife @ 10pm

The executive producers of the cult hit My So-Called Life have tapped into the younger generation once again with this new series, which originally aired on the Web but has now moved to NBC. The series, despite its unconventional path to television, follows an average bunch of twentysomethings as they navigate the challenges that go along with coming of age. Modern life, however, creeps into the series' traditional setup as one character's revealing video blog about herself and her friends drives much of the show's action.

Biggest Loser @ 8pm

What happens in Vegas won't necessarily stay in Vegas when one team is sent to Sin City on a surprise trip. Will they exercise more than the one-armed bandits? Can they resist temptation in the land of the 24-hour, all-you-can-eat buffet? The odds may not be in their favor, but they are determined to be winners. Later, the weigh-in leads to a surprising decision from an unlikely player.

Back To You @ 9:30pm

It's been a while since we've seen something new from Chuck, Kelly and the gang (Nov. 14, to be exact), but the WURG crew is back with original episodes tonight and tomorrow (9:30 pm/ET). Tonight, Kelly is surprised to be asked to deliver the eulogy for a deceased colleague but isn't in on the joke that he used to tell people they were more than just coworkers. Tomorrow, Chuck is suspicious — and perhaps a bit jealous? — when a dashing young anchor at a rival station makes a play for Kelly's affections.

One Tree Hill @ 9pm

When the gals get locked in a library, Peyton and Lindsey have an opportunity to argue about Lucas; Brooke plays defense when others attack her mom; and Haley mentors Mia. Elsewhere, Mouth gets his first on-air assignment; and Lucas and Nathan each wrestle with how truthful to be regarding recent events in their lives.