What To Watch On TV: Tuesday Edition

February 19, 2008 By:

Nip/Tuck @ 10 pm/ET FX **New**

After tonight, the boys are checking out (for the season, at least), and it looks like we'll be saying goodbye to poor, sick Colleen Rose (Sharon Gless) as well. (Wasn't that Sean's ex-agent being wheeled away in last week's promo?) Meanwhile, Christian faces a blast from his past, and as for poor, sick Julia, we'll see how good a shot Eden is. — Paul Droesch

American Idol @ 8pm

It's the first boys' night out of the season, with the Top 12 men performing. To crib from the Mamas and the Papas, if trilling makes a fellow willing, then now is the time, guys, to sing for your supper.

One Tree Hill @ 9pm

Last week, Peyton was left jaw-droppingly shocked upon learning that Lucas had just asked Lindsey to marry him. Tonight's episode picks up a few minutes before that, filling in the gaps with the actual proposal scene. What follows are everyone's reactions to the big news, plus Haley's struggle with whether she should keep silent or clue Lindsey in on the Lucas-Peyton kiss she witnessed. Likewise, Nathan must decide whether to clue Haley in on their nanny's recent flirty behavior, because Carrie isn't showing any signs of backing off.

Biggest Loser @ 8pm

Training at the ranch is easy (well, not when Bob and Jillian are barking orders): few distractions, lots of healthy food and plenty of time to exercise. But what about in the real world? Tonight, the players find out with a trip home, where they must continue their diet and exercise routines under normal conditions, without the incentive Bob and Jillian provide.

10 Item or Less @ 11pm

Jennifer Elise Cox has been a consistent highlight of this series, adding a fun, huffy spunk as hard-edged corporate competitor Amy Anderson. Tonight's episode spins around Cox — who was so memorable as a warped Jan Brady in the Brady Bunch movies — as her Amy is axed from behemoth SuperValueMart. Amy, what you wanna do? Greens & Grains proprietor Leslie knows what to do. He hires her at his store, to the immediate horror of the Greens staffers. Before long, Amy's strict and brassy managerial style rubs off on Leslie. Worse, Amy begins transforming the folksy store into an impersonal, cookie-cutter entity.