What To Watch On TV: Tuesday Edition

February 5, 2008 By:

10 Items or Less @ 11pm

Tick, tick, tick. The sound you hear is Ingrid's biological clock, and it's resonating loud and clear to her. The store's resident greeter, wide-eyed and naively tender as she is, realizes that she must lose her innocence. Her search for Mr. Right among her store colleagues proves challenging, naturally, so she settles on Mr. Right Now, resulting in a clumsy and unsatisfying evening.

One Tree Hill @ 9pm

Haley's friends warned her about hiring a hot-looking nanny. She may regret not heeding their advice when she sees Carrie frolicking in the Scott family pool in her skimpy bikini with Jamie — and Nathan. And Brooke should have warned Peyton that going into business with her also meant going into business with her mother, because when Victoria checks up on her investment, Mia's sound isn't exactly music to her ears. Meanwhile, things are less than harmonious between Peyton and Lindsey when Lindsey overhears how Peyton really feels about her.

House @ 9pm

Unless the writers' strike is settled real soon, this will be it from the gang at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital until who knows when. But at least we'll know the identity of Wilson's new girlfriend. And it seems that she's a lot like House. Why is this not a surprise? House's patient, meanwhile, is a formerly fast-living music producer who slowed down considerably when she converted to Hasidic Judaism. After almost slowing down to a complete stop when she collapses at her wedding, House suspects a link between her sudden conversion and her mysterious illness.

Nip/Tuck @ 9pm

Talk about a killer agent! Look for fallout from Colleen's inventive (and gruesome) dispatching of that arrogant CAA guy, but she'll be sharing face time tonight with other women of a certain age: socialites who come to McNamara/Troy for their cosmetic-surgery needs. (Guest stars include '80s nighttime-soap divas Shari Belafonte, Donna Mills and Joan Van Ark.) Oh, and Eden's back and it seems that she has found herself a job... in porn.