What To Watch On TV: Tuesday Edition

January 29, 2008 By:

Real Housewives Confess: A Watch What Happens Reunion @ 10pm

Are things OK in the O.C.? We'll find out tonight when the housewives reassemble for a postseason reunion, featuring updated interviews and a fine rehashing of the good, the bad and the ugly of the recently completed third season. On the docket: the scoop on Lauri's married life and the sudsy reality show's impact on new housewives Tamra and Quinn. And what about Jo? We get a progress report on the popular girl gone wild and learn the reasons why she didn't participate in Season 3. Bravo's Andy Cohen hosts.

House @ 9pm

Cuddly Greg is back, and he has his three new playmates with him. As you might recall from the last episode (two months ago), House finally picked Taub and Kutner, and Cuddy made him hire Thirteen, so the new team's in place. Their first case: a woman who won't — or can't — tell the docs where it hurts even though she's dying. This is the first of three new episodes the producers have left; a post-Super Bowl special on Sunday and next Tuesday's are the other two. To show just how much the strike has messed things up, tonight's show is the Christmas episode.

One Tree Hill @ 9pm

Ever wonder what happened to Lucas, Nathan and their pals during those missing college years we didn't get to see? Well wonder no more. Tonight some present-day scenes bookend flashbacks, providing a glimpse into events that occurred three years ago. Coach Whitey makes an appearance and a basketball game is played, making it feel like old times. Plus, some questions get answered regarding Lucas and that engagement ring.

Nip/Tuck @ 9pm

After her duplicity with Julia (and about 78,000 other things), Gina was due for another fall, and on this show the producers don't fool around, do they? Tonight we'll see how Christian copes with the fallout from her sudden death. Our guess is that he'll bounce back, though his romance (if that's the word for it) with Julia can't have much life left, can it? Meanwhile, Sean's brassy new talent agent, Colleen, showed last week that she's no good at taking no for an answer, but look for her to get more practice tonight.