What To Watch On TV: Thursday Edition

February 14, 2008 By:

Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorite @ 8pm

Jonathan summed up the reason the fans won the immunity challenge last week when he said, "They just had more heart out there." But the tide may turn tonight. Turmoil invades the fans' camp as three of its members are kicked out of the shelter, while Amanda and Ozzy steam up the favorites' beach with some passionate kissing. Unfortunately, Jonny Fairplay isn't around to comment on it after asking to be voted out last week. What was he thinking? Also, the tribes learn that a person from each team will be sent to Exile Island together and that an immunity idol is hidden there.

Lost @ 9pm

A polar-bear skeleton in Tunisia! With its own Dharma badge! That's a development certain to please Lost fans as much as it seemed to please newcomer Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) last week. Maybe we'll learn more about her and fellow island interlopers Miles, Daniel and Frank tonight. (Four more backstories! And one's a ghostbuster!) The survivors in Tribe Jack believe that Charlotte holds the key to... something, but first they'll have to find her.

Lipstick Jungle @ 9pm

Three powerful New York women navigate the business world, friendship and romance in this comedy-drama. Based on 'Sex and the City' scribe Candace Bushnell's book of the same name. Wendy learns that an inflammatory novel about her is being promoted by her nemesis (Lorraine Bracco). Meanwhile, Nico's affair inspires her to make some changes at work, and Victory's business woes are offset by her new romance with Joe (Andrew McCarthy).

Celebrity Apprentice @ 9pm

Ah, Valentine's Day, a time for flourishing love, tender embraces, flowery togetherness. That theme is highlighted in tonight's challenge, in which the lasting stars manage a lovey-dovey horse-and-carriage business in Central Park. But is there really love in the air? Nope, not when you have the "mane" event going on. In one corner is belittling Brit Piers Morgan. In the other, mean queen Omarosa. Last week, Omarosa dumped a drink on Piers' head, but tonight their animosity spills over with stinging personal jabs. ("Your children hate you," Omarosa informs Piers at one point.) Maybe the J. Geils song was right — love does stink.