What To Watch On TV: Thursday Edition

January 24, 2008 By:

Chuck @ 8pm

The spy jinks overflow when the Nerd Herd and the spymasters return for two new episodes tonight. In the first episode, a crooked contingent of Russian arms dealers descends upon Los Angeles for a clandestine meeting. Before you can say, "from Russia with love," Chuck discovers that one Russian lady just might share a romantic past with Casey. In the second episode, Captain Awesome considers popping the big question to Ellie, with Chuck delegated to guard the ring. But this lord of the ring gets into a tight squeeze when the band is then pilfered.

Ugly Betty @ 8pm

It's sad to say, Betty-philes, but because of the strike, this is the last new episode we'll see for a while. So if we're lucky — and with this show we usually are — it should prove to be a memorable one, especially when Daniel, whose tomcattin' has been on hiatus, finds a new lady friend (Gabrielle Union), then is shocked to discover they share a common bond. Meanwhile, Amanda and Marc are determined to find out if Kiss' Gene Simmons is Amanda's real father. And considering that Fey ran "Mode," maybe that would explain all the makeup.

Big Shots @ 10pm

Well, after shooting Terrence, it looks like Zack will be transferring from Bellevue to Rikers — if the authorities ever find him, that is. And no matter Terrence's fate, there's sure to be a shake-up at Reveal (since he was going to sell it anyway). Also, Karl and Marla decide to come clean with Wendy about their past, and Brody tries to keep a secret from Janelle.

Celebrity Apprentice @ 9pm

A kind of `Survivor' in pinstripes in which would-be business tycoons work for Donald Trump, who dismisses one at the end of each episode, and made the words `you're fired' a national catchphrase as the Manhattan-based series became a breakout hit. The celebrity contestants are assigned to sell tickets to Broadway shows in a challenge highlighted by a testy argument, one celeb donning a knight's costume and a rush through jammed Big Apple traffic. David Hyde Pierce and wrestling promoter Vince McMahon appear.