What To Watch on TV: Thursday Edition

December 6, 2007 By:

Ugly Betty @ 8pm

Perhaps the best part of last episode was thanks to Judith Light who's presence at Bradford's funeral was entertaining. When Wilhelmina appeared (with Marc close behind, stirring up PR), Claire Meade — despite her shackles — swiftly tripped her, causing her to fly six feet deep into the fresh empty grave. Then she promptly held a board members meeting (with Daniel and Alexis) calling a "motion to terminate" Wilhelmina as the creative director of Mode immediately. "Rest in peace, bitch." Nice. Tonight, Wilhelmina's latest image makeover hits a snag. Meanwhile, Betty drags a reluctant Henry on a double date with Hilda and Gio. Betty White appears as herself.

My Name is Earl @ 8pm

Once again, Earl has the opportunity to shave time off of his sentence by coming to the aid of the warden. However, this was for all the marbles — his last six months are to be wiped away (give or take ten days). All he needs to do is successfully implement a convict-victim reconciliation program, originally ill-conceived by the warden as a face-to-face fight opportunity ("Two men enter, one man leaves"). Tonight, when the warden (Craig T. Nelson) denies Earl his promised early release from prison, Earl plans a great escape with help from the gang. Michael Rapaport also guest stars.

30 Rock @ 8:30pm

Last week Frank went gay for an episode. I am not quite sure why NBC was so adamant that that not get out — it's not as if he actually had sex! I hope no one missed the little coda at the end, with Frank dancing at the gay club, but ultimately deciding it wasn't his thing. A flamboyant fella then shouts good-bye to "Sugar Bear," only to get scolded by a peer for making 'em look bad. So funny! Watch as Jack and C.C. (Edie Falco) face a romantic test when she suggests going public with their odd-couple relationship. Meanwhile, Liz tries to satisfy the diva needs of her two stars, Tracy and Jenna. Political commentator James Carville makes an appearance.

Grey's Anatomy @ 9pm

Well they made us wait two weeks to see the conclusion of the last episode. It's been written that Meredith does not do the v.o. for one episode, being replaced by Bailey, which means something is up for Mer. I can't handle another near death experience, so I truly hope they have written something a little more intriguing. We should see some progress between Derek and his lady nurse friend, Rose, but I doubt it will be tonight. With all that crashing, cutting and spurting blood, Part 1 of this two-parter wasn't for the squeamish. Tonight we'll see our docs stitching. Chances are, the "Nazi" will save the real Nazi, while a patient you'd want to see survive — there are four — won't make it. Meanwhile, expect Lexie to have a busy night. First, there's Nick (Seth Green) with the bursting carotid artery. Someone must plug it until the cavalry (Sloan) arrives. Then there's her first Seattle Grace love triangle. Can she hold her own against Ava/Rebecca?