What To Watch on TV: Thursday Edition

November 29, 2007 By:

30 Rock

The calendar says it's almost winter, but that doesn't stop Tina Fey's
recommended laugher from taking on our summery national pastime.
Tonight Tracy steps up to the plate when he coaches a rough-and-tumble
New York Little League team, but the meddling Jack throws a curve with
a Steinbrennerian pitch: He tries to turn the squad into a formidable
winner with gifts (including tuxedo uniforms), and looks to fire
Tracy. Back at the Rock, a studly young coffee guy perks up Liz's love
life, despite their 17-year age difference.

Survivor: China @ 8pm

Tonight fans will finally get the payoff to the cliff-hanger from two
weeks ago. Jeff Probst announced at tribal council that the group was
staying at council to attend to some business. That sounds like bad
news for the castaways, but great news for viewers. The key word
tonight is blindside. One player threatens to switch things up by
blindsiding their best friend in the game, and one alliance considers
blindsiding one of their own members.

Scrubs @ 9:30pm

It's the day most Scrubs fans have dreaded for years now: J.D. decides
it's time to grow up! And no one is more devastated by this news than
Turk, the playful other half to J.D.'s inner child, so he makes it his
mission to thwart J.D.'s plan. In keeping with the growing-up theme,
news from Dr. Cox forces a patient to mature too quickly, and Elliot
unwittingly reveals Kelso's real age.