What To Watch on TV: Thursday Edition

November 15, 2007 By:

My Name is Earl @ 8pm

Oh, snap! There's not much joy for Joy in a continuing story arc from last week's episode. Joy, fully in the family way and as pushy as ever, prepares to give birth and impatiently pressures Darnell to expedite the process. And a dairy tale emerged last week after newbie prison guard Randy took some convicts out for ice cream. Here's the scoop on that: The outing gave Frank (Michael Rapaport) a prime opportunity to escape, and now he's trying to collect his hidden loot. It all sounds like a slippery slope, indeed. Craig T. Nelson also guest-stars.

Smallville @ 8pm

Clark's desire to be with his mother (onetime "Supergirl" Helen Slater, in a bit of stunt casting) overcomes his common sense. He takes the crystal she's imprisoned within to the Fortress of Solitude and frees her. He finally gets to be with her, but unwittingly releases Kryptonian überbad guy Zor-El, and boy, does he have plans for Earth. The whole he's-Clark's-evil-uncle thing doesn't help, either: Cousin Kara is confused about whether to believe anything Zor-El says. Meanwhile, the Lois Lane-Grant Gabriel relationship heats up to the boiling point.

Grey's Anatomy @ 9pm

We got a glimpse last week of how poor Thatcher (Jeff Perry) has handled the death of his second wife, Susan. (You could almost smell the alcohol on his breath through the TV screen.) Tonight, Meredith will see for herself what's up with not-so-dear old dad. And if that's not enough, Derek will be stepping out with someone else. Meanwhile, the chief made it official last week when he finally gave the chief-resident job to Bailey, but tonight she'll have more than just mother-hen duties on her plate: She'll have to treat her high-school crush ( D.B. Woodside).

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation @ 9pm

It's a sad night for fans of Jorja Fox. Her departure from the series, announced in September, is here. Since Sara was kidnapped at the end of last season, she's been rethinking her future. Tonight, a suspect from one of her past cases returns and it causes her to question her role as a CSI. Obviously, since Fox is quitting the show, Sara is leaving Las Vegas — and Grissom.