What To Watch On TV: Thursday Edition

March 6, 2008 By:

Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew @ 10pm

If you saw last week's episode, you know Dr. Drew does not have a lot of faith that the celebs can stay clean. On his recommendation, VH1 offered to pay for three months in a sober living facility for any cast member willing to take it. Drew thinks they all should sign up, but his suggestion was met with more than a little reluctance. In the second part of the finale, we get to see who heeds his warnings and who leaves rehab with only their newly sober judgment to guide them.

Lost @ 9pm

Happiness is fleeting at best on Lost, so let us leave those reunited (by phone, at least) lovebirds Desmond and Penny to grab what they can of it while we return to the island, where Juliet (tonight's star) will receive an unwelcome visitor from her past. (Dead people Goodwin and Mr. Friendly/Tom are back, in one form or another.) Meanwhile, expect sparks to fly between Charlotte and Faraday and the 815 survivors (Jack's division). And on the Other side, Ben is once again playing with Locke's head.

Celebrity Apprentice @ 9pm

Last week's episode tracked the stars creating four-page magazine spreads for a body-wash product, with one team astutely selecting well-formed contestant Carol Alt as their poser. Carol put the word "super" in supermodel, trampling the opposition (so long, losing project manager Tito Ortiz). The remaining celebs are in the paint tonight, as they must choose an artist, display his or her artwork, then sell the pieces in a gallery. But are Piers and Omarosa painting themselves into a corner? Could be: It appears their long-standing feud boils up again, and Mr. Trump may not be able to brush that off.

American Idol @ 8pm

Last year's finalist Blake Lewis returns to his old stomping grounds to sing "How Many Words" from his debut album, Audio Day Dream. As for this season, the dream ended last week for Robbie Carrico, Alexandréa Lushington, Alaina Whitaker and Jason Yeager, and tonight two more guys and two more gals join their ranks.