What To Watch On TV: Thursday Edition

November 8, 2007 By:

Ugly Betty @ 8pm

Are the rumors true? Is Lindsey Lohan set to make a guest appearance (three episodes!) as a pal of Betty? Hmm... doubtful but after Victoria Beckham anything is possible....stay tuned for more updates! Watch Mrs. Beckham steal the show as she guests on UB. Do you think she is too skinny? Will she crack a smile for the wedding today?
Tonight the Wilhelmina Slater-Bradford Meade nuptials may not have quite the cachet of the Royal Wedding of Charles and Di, but there will still be a distinct flavor of jolly old England when Victoria Beckham guest-stars as Wilhelmina's maid of honor. Of course, if this attention-grabbing British invasion threatens to steal even a sliver of Wilhelmina's spotlight, we may witness another American revolution!

Survivor: China @ 8pm

Trust is always an issue in the game and it's no different tonight when Todd proposes blindsiding his ally James. Why? Because the gravedigger has two immunity idols and Todd wants to take them out of play. And speaking of idols, one castaway desperately searches for one during the night by collecting random objects in hopes that one represents immunity. Also, seven of the nine players get overconfident and don't take their belongings to Tribal Council. One just might go home without his or her stuff.

30 Rock @ 8:30pm

The Peacock net's week of eco-friendly programming continues with an episode featuring Nobel Peace Prize-winner and mean-green-machine Al Gore, who appears as himself. Tonight Jack concocts an eco-themed mascot for the network named Greenzo (David Schwimmer). But the staff turns on the Phillie Phanatic-esque green fiend when his self-righteous sermonizing grows stuffy and obnoxious, proof positive that it isn't easy being green. It also isn't easy being Kenneth, who plans his annual (and overly boring) house party. Meredith Vieira also guest-stars.

Grey's Anatomy @ 9pm

Hahn called them "pretty and prettier" last week, but lump Derek and Mark together at your peril. Or maybe not. Derek has been making noise all season about wanting to settle down, so his desire tonight for something more than "breakup sex" with Meredith should come as no surprise. She better watch out, Derek is set to be distracted by a pretty Dr. later on in the season and she may just steal him away. Mark develops an unexpected crush on a fellow surgeon; Hahn??!! But Mark is a bad boy, so what's he doing falling in love? Meanwhile, George and Izzie face another romantic challenge tonight, and look for poor Callie's losing streak to continue. What did you think of Alex and Mer's lil sis hooking up? H-O-T!!