What To Watch On TV: Monday Edition

February 11, 2008 By:

Flavor of Love 3 @ 9pm

Flav has been out of the game for a little over a year. In that time, we've seen VH1 find success with spin-offs I Love New York and Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School, as well as Rock of Love, a dating contest that basically plugs in Bret Michaels as Flavor Flav's surrogate. Now the time has come for the original gold-toothed gangsta to retake the network's celebreality throne. In tonight's third-season premiere, the ever-animated emcee meets with a whole new group of ladies. Look for debauchery to quickly resume in his court.

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles @ 9pm

Sarah Connor is no Donna Martin, but she feels a connection to a character played by 90210's Brian Austin Green when he turns up as a mysterious stranger in tonight's episode. He appears at a chess competition Sarah is attending with her new friend and computer wizard Andy Goode, and it doesn't take long for Sarah to realize this stranger shares a similar past. Meanwhile, Cameron undergoes grief counseling at school, which should be pretty interesting considering most guidance counselors aren't exactly trained to deal with teen cyborgs.

Prison Break @ 8pm

Last week's episode ended with Our Gang (Michael, Whistler, Mahone, T-Bag, Bellick, Lechero and young McGrady) just about to make their break through the tunnel and — they hope — out of Sona. And since next week's episode will be the last one for a while, look for things to heat up tonight. Remember that the show's title is Prison Break, but remember, too, that once the escapees break out of prison (assuming they do), there isn't a whole lot of trust among them.

American Gladiators @ 8pm

It's supersize gladiators in a supersize edition of the flashy extreme competition series. Tonight, the rough-hewn gladiators are ready to rumble in the conclusion of the semifinal round. In the men's matchup, a young wrestling coach returns to grapple with a California triathlete. Then there's the ladies' skirmish, in which a former dancer takes on a rehab physician (whose professional services may be needed after tonight's body-busting bouts). All this gladiator mania crescendos next Sunday when the male and female winners emerge in the season finale.