What To Watch On TV: Monday Edition

February 4, 2008 By:

New Adventures of Old Christine @ 9:30pm

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a deserving 2006 Emmy winner for this series, continues to impress with her comic abilities as Christine returns for a belated third season. Tonight, old Christine, who is dating hunky Mr. Harris (Blair Underwood), gets overly nervous after she announces that it's time for the two of them to sleep together. Of course, mischievous Barb is the main one planting doubt in Christine's mind. And while Christine is becoming increasingly self-absorbed, Matthew announces he's quitting medical school. Why? He recognizes a cadaver he's assigned to work with; it's a neighbor who recently died.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles @ 9pm

Last time we checked in on Sarah, she was burning down the house of cell-phone-store employee Andy Goode in order to destroy a computer he designed called "the Turk." Meanwhile, John and Cameron were at odds over the mysterious suicide of a classmate. Things pick up tonight with the trio looking for a load of stolen cargo. But when the search goes awry, John gets separated from his two protectors. Considering Cromartie is sporting his new skin, there's no worse time for John to strike out on his own.

Prison Break @ 8pm

Well, Michael finally killed somebody, and while it's true that the world is a better place without Sammy, this will have to eat him up. But he can't think about it tonight: He has another escape to hatch.... or else. He's troubled by the fact that, thanks to him, some very bad boys (T-Bag in particular) will get out of jail, but he also knows that LJ's life depends on Whistler's freedom. Meanwhile, back in Panama City, Susan B. is definitely back in action.

Welcome to the Captain @ 8:30pm

It's good to see Jeffrey Tambor back on TV. Unfortunately, his new sitcom about a famous Hollywood apartment building and its eccentric tenants has a lot of vacancies. What's mostly missing is the humor. The show centers around Josh Flug (Fran Kranz), a Hollywood wunderkind in a career slump who is persuaded by his smarmy friend (Chris Klein) to move into "the Captain." Among its quirky occupants is Uncle Saul (Tambor), who's been there forever; a faded actress, played by Raquel Welch; and a cute acupuncturist (JoAnna Garcia), who pierces Josh's heart. The characters are, in a word, pathetic, and it's hard to laugh when you just feel sad for them.