What To Watch On TV: Monday Edition

January 14, 2008 By:

Prison Break @ 8pm

Let's sum up: When we left our lads in November, Michael had failed at another escape attempt, and he'll face the consequences of that failure tonight. But at least he can count Whistler as an ally, sort of. We'll also see a new side of Susan B. for a few seconds. Then there's a mysterious woman we've never seen before who arrives in Panama from the U.S. looking for Michael.

American Gladiators @ 8pm

Really, isn't this series a hellish version of gym-class dodge ball? But the show makes the grade it's flashy, lowbrow, diversionary fun, and those menacing gladiators are pretty cool. They're cold, too, as they strut their rough-and-tough stuff with frosty attitude against four amateur athletes tonight. Hoping to have game are a rodeo queen, a soccer mom, a shark fisherman and a teacher.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles @ 9pm

The newest installment of the Terminator mythology was set in motion in last night's action-packed premiere. Episode 2 rolls out tonight in the series' regular time slot with more of the same cat-and-mouse suspense. John (Thomas Dekker) and Sarah (Lena Headey) are now in the present day, thanks to an assist from a cyborg (Summer Glau) sent to protect them. Setting up a new life means getting new identities, so Sarah connects with an old friend in hopes of securing fake documentation for herself and her son.

CSI: Miami @ 10pm

Horatio's personal life isn't explored much, but that's beginning to change as the identity of Kyle's mother is finally revealed on tonight's pivotal episode. And she's Horatio's ex (played by Elizabeth Berkley, in the first of six appearances).The mystery woman suddenly appears and becomes part of an investigation into the murder of her billionaire husband. She also makes it clear to H that she is intent on doing whatever it takes to get Kyle back.