What To Watch On TV: Monday Edition

December 17, 2007 By:

Notes of the Underbelly @ 9:30

Rachael Harris' cynical lawyer character, Cooper, has consistently been the funniest part of this series. That makes tonight's episode all the more alluring since Cooper gets the main storyline: She finds herself desperate to make a new friend who's not obsessed with baby issues. Meanwhile, Julie and Eric prep for a coming-out party for baby Perry. They decide to hire Danny to play piano and Andrew to do some landscaping, but mixing business and friendship ends up bringing down this coming out.

Dexter @ 10pm

Psst...Showtime is the new HBO! Golden Globes has spoken and they are raving about Dex (and many other Sho's programming)--let's hope he wins some much deserved awards this year! Catch the finale this week (that aired last night), lotsa deaths but some inevitable! I mean come on' we need our Dex back next season handcuffs-free to keep us entertained. There is even some international traveling in the finale, to where else? The city of love...Paris! C'est la Vie! This show does not come with out a morbid sense of humor. With Dex ironing out all his problems and Debra letting go of yet another lover (he's too old anyway...can you Daddy?) I can't wait for next season. I am hoping for another serial killer hunt like in the first season, but not his brother this time! Come on' writers strike- let's work it out soon!!

October Road @ 10pm

Last week, Hannah chooses Ray, which leads Nick to finally realize that it's time to move the frak on. It also leads Road to go the flashback route, showing us Nick and Hannah's first encounter as kids and then when they dated as teens. Meanwhile, Owen learns the details of Allison and Ikey's affair by going on Nick's "infidelity tour," and Eddie and Hannah are hiding a big secret from Nick that Eddie is chomping at the bit to spill. Tonight, Hannah clashes with Ray's ex-wife over the care of her sons. Meanwhile, Nick sets Ronnie up with Aubrey's friend for a double date, and Pizza Girl pressures Phil to take his classic car out of the garage.

Clash of the Choirs @ 8pm

To kick off this four-night event, five music stars are sent to their hometowns to assemble a choir of amateurs, who then compete each night until a winner is chosen. One part singing showdown and one part competitive mentoring, the contest features Michael Bolton (hometown: New Haven, Connecticut), Patti LaBelle (Philadelphia), Nick Lachey (Cincinnati), Kelly Rowland (Houston), and Blake Shelton (Oklahoma City).