What To Watch On TV: Monday Edition

December 10, 2007 By:

I Love New York 2 @ 9pm

We are getting closer to the end....you know before the batch of new realities pleasures come out including The Girls Next Door and much anticipated Rock of Love 2. Last week, you really saw just how terrible NY's mom can be as she instigated many fights in the house and turned off every single parent. I am sure Entertainer's family is glad he got the cut because those two households would have never worked. I really can't see Sister Patterson getting along with anyone or liking any of the choices for her daughter. Getting along with NY is hard enough!! Tonight will be the deciding factor on who makes it to the finale. I can't imagine Buddha not making it- he's so adorable and doesn't take NY's crap either. My guess is Punk will get the boot! What do you think??

Samantha Who? @ 9pm

Ahh, the sweet freedom of having a driver's license! I'm sure most of us can recall that glorious day when mom and pop handed over the keys to the family car and gave us the classic speech about trust and responsibility. If you're anything like me, then you can also recall the moment you broke that trust by telling a little white lie about how that dent found its way onto the bumper of the car a short time later(whoops!) Last week, that's exactly what happened to Sam and her parents. I think this show is a hit because it's like going down memory lane for a lot of the audience as Sam has many of her firsts.
Two weeks ago, Samantha's mom set her up on a blind date with the contractor who was refinishing her floors. Luckily for Sam, the guy's played by noted TV hottie Eddie Cibrian from Third Watch and Invasion. Tonight Sam's falling hard and fast for him. Will she scare him away?

Dexter @ 10pm

Catch up on the final two episodes of Dexter and his possible demise as our unknown killer! It's crazy how the show has transgressed since last season, with Dexter now having all his secrets revealed. Tonight, Dexter contemplates turning himself in to end all the lying and chasing he has been doing to keep up appearances. Lila is proving to be a true she-devil as she frames Angel for slipping her a Roofie -the date rape drug- and raping her after she fell unconscious. As Dex pleads with her to drop the charges, she finds out where his cabin in the everglades is (who's housing Doakes). Don't miss the grizzly alligator scene...totally awesome and scary!

The Hills @ 8pm - 11pm

This is it! The last episode before LC goes on break to film some more...because you know we are loving ourselves some Hills! Over the weekend a feature length catch up on Lauren's journey from Laguna to the hills was broadcast, and it was great! It really filled me in on earlier episodes of Lauren's life and the transgression of Heidi's friendship, her relationship with Jason, and her internship at Teen Vogue. Tonight coverage of the red carpet event at Area in L.A. as they are hosting the screening of the finale. Amazing that it has come to this...we are addicted. The previous three episodes are also being shown between 8pm and 10pm with the finale starting at 10. And some more chit chat on what happens in the Aftershow at 10:30pm. Make sure to tune into Hollyscoop tomorrow to hear all the gossip and drama sure to be present tonight as the cast are partying in the same spot!