What To Watch On TV: Monday Edition

December 3, 2007 By:

I Love New York 2 @ 9pm

New York is proving to be harder to date every week, as if we didn't already know this, but still she is so combative. Good thing for Buddha because he is just as combative, these two definitely have some major sparks growing but I can't tell if they are going to have a major blow out or fall in love! Both being actors it could be a union meant for reality love world- with a wedding and all, but it's possible tonight's show could tear that apart as the suitors parents' meet NY and her nightmare of a mother! We know for sure there are a lot of bickering with Entertainer's mother calling NY a drag queen...oh my!! And Buddha has a blow out with NY's mom calling her ''holier than thou'' attitude annoying.

Samantha Who? @ 9pm

Samantha continues to roll snake eyes in the game of life in tonight's episode. She borrows dad's car and gets in an accident, then tries to cover it up by pushing the car into a lake. Dad feels sorry for her (thinking it was stolen), and buys her a new vehicle, causing her to be wracked with guilt. Then, to make matters even worse, Sam's mother finds out what really happened and blackmails her.

Heroes @ 9pm

There's nothing like family to bring out the best, and worst, in people... and heroes are no exception. Just take a look at Elle, who decides to do whatever it takes to get back into her dad's good graces; or Micah, who asks mom Niki to unleash her inner She-Hulk in order to rescue Monica. And while Peter is once again unintentionally putting the world in danger, he can't exactly rely on brother Nathan for a save this time. Maya certainly won't be getting a save from her brother either, seeing how she sided with Sylar, and she finds out exactly what she got in that bargain.

The Hills @ 10pm

And yet another couple blow out for this show, this time between Spence and Heidi. You could see this coming from a mile away especially last week when Spence's sis came on the show causing trouble. Tonight Heidi very naively tell sis that she is having doubts about the wedding and of course tells her not to say anything to Spence.....right!?-- Heidi as if she is going to have any loyalty to you over her own blood!! Duh! When Spence finds out, they have a big fight and he walks out...AGAIN. This time though, feels like it could be for good.....