What to Watch On TV: Monday Edition

March 24, 2008 By:

The Hills: @ 10pm

Just in time for the new season opener, there is lots of drama with the OK magazine publication stating Lauren felt jilted by friend Audrina and ex-lover Brody. She denies this is the case, stating OK twisted her words to sell covers...... As the second half of Season 3 opens, Lauren and Whitney go to Paris, but there's a dark cloud over the City of Light for Lauren when she learns Brody's found someone new back home. Meanwhile, Spencer follows Heidi to Colorado to try to win her back, but accomplishes the opposite.

How I Met Your Mother: @ 8:30pm

You know you want to watch it! Britney Spears has gotten good reviews on her comedic timing in this episode. She appears to have come full circle with this guest shot on the CBS comedy. As a perky teen, she showed us she was "not that innocent"; now she shows up on tonight's episode as a bubbly bespectacled nerd with a schoolgirl-like crush on one of the series regulars. The pop star plays a receptionist who falls for Ted when he comes to the dermatologist (who he's been trying to date) to get his tattoo removed.

Greek: @ 8pm

It's a new semester at Cyprus-Rhodes University, but old feelings continue to haunt the Cartwright siblings as they return from a much-needed break. Rusty is still reeling from his ex-girlfriend's exposé of the Greek system, while Casey is adjusting to life as a single woman after being dumped by Evan. On top of that, all the houses are suffering from an administrative crackdown on the party scene, but Casey, who backed into the presidency of the now-disgraced Zeta, thinks she has just the plan to assert her authority and get everyone back in the swing of things.

CSI: Miami: @ 10pm

Horatio and Co. return in fine form with the first new Miami episode since January, due to the protracted writers' strike. Tonight, a gorgeous bride who is about to marry a handsome pro baseball player is gunned down with a single bullet just before she utters "I do." But who would want to kill a bride on her wedding day? Maybe the groom. At least that's what Horatio thinks as he and his team investigate the case and uncover some sordid facts. The seedy stuff begins with a trip to a gentleman's club that hosted the groom's wild bachelor party.