What To Watch On TV: Monday Edition

March 3, 2008 By:

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles @ 8pm

An action-packed first season wraps with this two-hour finale that we can only hope ties up the numerous loose ends left hanging by previous episodes. The most pressing issue is whether Cameron should be feared. When we last saw her, she was practicing ballet, blurring the line between man and machine even further. Derek has concerns about her, leading to him butting heads with John. They'll have to make nice if John has any chance of keeping away from Cromartie and returning for a second season.

Flavor of Love 3 @ 9pm

Does it seem to anyone else that Flav is just a bit cranky this season? First he was annoyed by all the ladies touching his face, then got particularly perturbed by the misspelling of his name for the restaurant themed challenge, where the ladies picked Flava's as the name of the new eatery.....hmm I wonder if thats the real reason he is still single? Tonight, Flav's ladies take a lot of abuse from each other, but it's never been so clearly sanctioned by the show as in this episode, which features the Flavorette Roast Challenge. Two contestants are picked to be ridiculed by the remaining gals, who are split into two teams. The winning roaster will undoubtedly be sharp-tongued, but the resulting date will involve sharp teeth: Flav takes that special gal to a shark tank.

New Adventures of Old Christine @ 9:30pm

Christine struggles to get over her breakup with Mr. Harris in tonight's laugh-out-loud episode. First, she mopes around feeling sorry for herself, but then, using "bootstrap, self-respect and strength," she manages to take control of her life again. But, being Christine, you just know it's going to be short-lived.... and it is. She literally hits a rock wall when she takes Ritchie to a kid's rock-climbing birthday party. And things aren't any better for Matthew: He goes to a therapist as part of his class training and ends up discussing intimacy issues and his overdependence on his needy sister.

Kyle XY @ 8pm

Last week, it looked like Kyle's peculiar ailment would prevent him from helping anyone study or convincing Amanda's mom that he was right for her. But now that he's "cured" — or at least back to his special brand of normal — his tutoring skills should be sharp, and he can take Amanda to the prom after all. Or can he? Perhaps Kyle shouldn't get fitted for a tuxedo just yet, because he and Josh are suspected of being right in the thick of a cheating scandal that rocks the high school.