What To Watch On TV: Monday Edition

February 18, 2008 By:

Prison Break @ 8pm

Will our guys rescue LJ and Sofia, or will they have more reasons to exact revenge from the dastardly, Sara-decapitating Susan B.? We'll find out tonight in the series' "Winter Finale." (How's that for keeping options open in case there are more episodes this season?) We'll also learn a bit more about the enigmatic Whistler, and we'll find out who some of his friends are. And we'll mark yet another passing.

Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann @ 8pm

Well, Team Bruno avoided a shutout last week, but can their only win give them enough momentum to win this war? At least it's more evenly matched now, with Bruno's four members versus Carrie Ann's five, and at the end of tonight's show, we'll have our champion. Oh, and remember a little thing called Dancing with the Stars? Season 2 alums Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice and Lisa Rinna are on hand to announce the contestants for the sixth season, which begins March 17.

Medium @ 10pm

As Sly and the Family Stone would say, it's a family affair: Tonight's hour is directed by series star Patricia Arquette's real-life brother, David Arquette. (This is actually David's second directorial effort for Medium.) In the episode, a family is shattered when their wealthy deaf daughter is kidnapped. Allison springs into action, but the sounds of silence run deep when Allison herself is rendered deaf. Now at a loss (of hearing), Allison gets an investigative assist from Joe and PI Cynthia Keener (Anjelica Huston, in her recurring role). Nancy Travis and Steven Culp guest star as the young victim's parents.