What To Watch On TV: Monday Edition

November 19, 2007 By:

Chuck @ 8pm

Nerd-herder Chuck is turning from drab to fab, romantically at least. He begins dating sightly sandwich maker Lou (a returning Rachel Bilson), and that's something he can surely relish. But not everything's kosher, as the blooming romance sparks a surprising streak of jealousy in Chuck's "ex-girlfriend," slinky superspy Sarah. Worse, Lou may be involved in a smuggling ring. And yet another geek might find love tonight: Morgan, of all people, woos an unlikely woman. It's the revenge of the nerds, indeed.

CSI: Miami @ 9pm

Calleigh quickly goes from hero to suspect in tonight's pivotal episode. When an attempt is made on her life, Calleigh's career and personal life are placed in jeopardy. One reason for the sudden turn of events is that alcohol use may have impaired her judgment in a crisis situation.

The Bachelor @ 10pm

So, who will it be? We do know that it'll be a brunette. Jenni got the "first impression" rose (and the first kiss), but DeAnna has come on strong and doesn't have a job in Phoenix that's her "passion," as Jenni does. Brad, we suspect, wants the winner to call him her passion. (Plus, his bars are in Austin.) So we'd put the chances of DeAnna winning at slightly better than even, despite the 6-5 vote the other way by spurned bachelorettes on last week's "Women Tell All" show. But, of course, the odds that Brad and his choice will live happily ever after together are considerably less than even.

Heroes @ 9pm

Ah, decisions, decisions. There are some tough ones facing the super-crew tonight. H.R.G. opts to pull up stakes and get going after it looks like the Company has uncovered his family, but Claire decides daddy doesn't know best, and besides, she likes living in sunny California. Meanwhile, mild-mannered Hiro chooses revenge when he learns his father has been murdered; and Suresh comes to a pretty big decision, too, after meeting with Elle. But possibly the choice with the biggest consequences rests on Maya's slim shoulders. Sylar has been playing on her trust and now, just outside of New York, he forces her to choose between him and her brother.