What To Watch On TV: Friday Edition

January 25, 2008 By:

Friday Night Lights @ 9pm

The aftermath of last week's movie-theater incident takes its toll on Smash, who learns that he's being brought up on charges. And while Smash deals with the consequences of past behavior, other Panthers set their sights on the future and seek new beginnings. Street, fresh off of his move from his parents' house, starts a new job; Tami somehow finds time to coach the girls' volleyball team; and Riggins gives expressing his feelings a shot as he gets closer to Lyla. Yes, change is most definitely in the air.

Las Vegas @ 10pm

Not much stays in Vegas tonight. Here's the bare fact: Sam's deep-pocketed clients sojourn to a strip club — giving new meaning to "the Vegas Strip." This is surely not a healthy move for their marriages. Enter "the Cleaner," an enigmatic entity hired to keep their sexcapades a secret. In other developments, Mike and Piper try luring a hot new bartender to the Montecito, but they shake and stir things up by sampling too many cocktails. Danny's the one missing out on all the fun: He works to make the casino a more popular destination.

And This Weekend's Must Sees!

The L Word @ 10pm Sunday

The producers of Jenny's movie wrangle with her over casting, while one ambitious actress pulls out all stops to land the lead in the film; the gal pals attend the opening of a lesbian club that will be in direct competition with the Planet; Bette has an unusual reaction to Tina's new dating situation; and military investigators pay a surprise visit to Alice.

Miss America Live 2008 @ 8pm Saturday

The new and upgraded version! The 87th annual pageant is presented from the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Fifty-two contestants between the ages of 17 and 24 compete for the crown. With all the excitement from last years Miss America scandal including Tara's trip to rehab, Donald trump owned will included more updated walks and events. This is a new version of Miss America that promises to deliver for the new 2008.