What To Watch: Tuesday Edition

November 6, 2007 By:

Dancing With The Stars @ 9pm

This has been a tough season of loss for some dancers. Marie Osmond's father, family patriarch George Osmond passed away early Tuesday at the age of 90. And just weeks ago, Jane Seymour's mom passed away as well. No word on whether Marie will be present tonight on the show. Most likely not but let's hope she doesn't get the boot from a lack of votes. That would be sooo harsh!

Last night the dancers performed two dances and did a great job. One is hard enough! Mel B is reigning so far and received all perfect scores. My guess is she will win this thing. Sabrina's absence was felt and missed. The dancers had a little cheetah print on them in remembrance of her and unfortunate early dismissal. Tonight Grammy-winning country-music star LeAnn Rimes provides the soundtrack for tonight's dances, singing "How Do I Live" and "Nothin' Better to Do.

Nip/Tuck @ 10pm

Just one week in and Sean's already being mobbed by fans at his dry cleaners. Getting on a TV show will do that for you. And tonight he's also finding his feet, albeit slowly, in his first relationship since his breakup with Julia. So how does Christian react to all this? Jealousy. Naked jealousy. Meanwhile, Julia has a surprise for both of them, and it has something to do with guest star Portia de Rossi.

Tila Tequila: A Shot at Love @ 10pm

It's hard to top last week's dramatic elimination of our C-R-A-Z-Y cowboy Ashley. After professing his undying love for Tila (already??) she decided in true diva fashion that she was not feeling it and gave him the boot. A bit harsh but she was probably thinking too much too soon. Her intuition proved correct; Ashley flew off the handle and attacked one of the other men in the group and later the ambulance was called. Tonight we'll see the outcome of that hospital trip and a pair of the girls get into a fight. Yeah!!....we love catfights!

The Real Housewives of Orange County @ 10pm

It's the lifestyles of the rich and (almost) famous when the sudsy wives' tale returns for its third season. It's a sort of "Real Housekids of Orange County" tonight, as the show focuses on Vicki's college-student daughter, who receives a new luxury car as a gift (complete with a bow). Meanwhile, Jeana's daughter graduates from high school, but not without some fine teen angst. Expect a big change this season: Popular wild-child housewife Jo De La Rosa departs from the show and is replaced by new housewife. Word is Jo is developing her own reality show with Slade following her singing career.