What To Watch Tonight: Tuesday Edition

November 27, 2007 By:

Dancing with the Stars @ 9pm

Well it's finally here...the last dance! We've come a long way this season with Marie and Helio. Mel B once again knocked it out of the ball park, if she doesn't win tonight I'd think it be a shame. Although Helio is wildly entertaining and Marie has conquered through tough times, Mel B has consistently given a great performance and received top scores. When tonight's performer, Celine Dion, sings "My Heart Will Go On," the theme song to 1997's Titanic may be an appropriate theme for tonight's losers but no matter who is named the winner tonight, be it Melanie, Helio or Marie, sometimes it comes down to who is the best at "Taking Chances," which, incidentally, is Dion's second song.

House @ 9pm

House has to finish his firing tonight — Cuddy's orders. So who'll be around to take the dyspeptic diagnostician's abuse when new episodes resume (whenever that might be)? Nobody likes Amber (Anne Dudek), but she is an agile competitor. Kutner (Kal Penn)? He has already been fired twice, so he's a survivor. Thirteen (Olivia Wilde)? She's the prettiest. Besides, she probably has Lou Gehrig's disease, and that certainly intrigues House. Or Taub (Peter Jacobson), the philandering plastic surgeon? If he gets canned, couldn't he land on Nip/Tuck?

Nip/Tuck @ 10pm

Sean did propose to Kate last week, but the chances of those two settling into domestic tranquillity are pretty remote, especially with that nasty vixen Eden around to arouse and torment him. But tonight Eden will work her wiles on Christian. Meanwhile, Matt and Kimber's drug woes have them on the mat, so it appears that Kimber will be getting back into her old line of work. John Schneider guest-stars in a role that's quite a departure from Bo Duke and Jonathan Kent.

Tila Tequila: A Shot at Love @ 10pm

Meet the parents!!! If the previews are any indication tonight's episode should have you glued to the tube. A bevy of parents and relatives either loving or hating on poor lil Tila. In one scene there were many uncomfortable looks and silences when announced she was bisexual. Why is that even being brought up?? Then another has Tila giving grandma a lap dance in tiny booty shorts! Oh my! Whoever that family belongs to is sure to have their shot at love with this sex bunny! Who are you betting on? My guess it will be between Bobby and Amanda but I am secretly rooting for butch underdog Dani:-)=