What To Watch: Thursday Edition

December 13, 2007 By:

My Name is Earl @ 8pm

Karma chameleon, indeed: The usually good-hearted Earl changes his stripes in tonight's holiday-themed edition. When his post-prison life offers nary a home, job or dime, Earl grows bitter and renounces karma. Worse, he turns to the karmic dark side and regresses back to his old bad self. Man-child Randy, aghast at Earl's nasty backslide, plans a Christmas-morn intervention — but good-old karma may come calling for Earl in unlikely forms. Giovanni Ribisi and Alyssa Milano return in their recurring roles.

30 Rock @ 9pm

The staffers celebrate the holidays with a party---which comes complete with a lusty Santa. The festive occasion marks the arrival of Liz's parents (Buck Henry, Anita Gillette) and her brother (Andy Richter), a fortysomething man with memory loss who thinks he's a high-school senior. Another (unexpected) guest: Jack's mother (Elaine Stritch), who decidedly lacks Christmas cheer.

Survivor: China @ 9pm

So, will Amanda make this move against Todd that she's been talking about or will we have to wait yet another week? Did Denise make the right call in voting out Erik? What was Jaime laughing about at tribal? (James looked pissed though). And isn't it interesting that the players are strategizing based on a final three finale? Wouldn't it be great if Survivor flipped the script again and went back to a two-person finale? Tonight, some of the castaways enjoy a feast on the Great Wall of China. At tribal council, the 12th player is voted out of the game.