What To Watch: Friday Edition

March 14, 2008 By:

The Return of Jezebel James @ 8pm

Expectations are high when Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls) comes out with a new series, and this spunky comedy about disparate sisters doesn't disappoint. Indie-film queen Parker Posey plays Sarah, a successful children's book editor who wants to have a baby. When she learns she can't conceive, she hatches a plan to move her younger sister in with her and pay her to be a surrogate mom. The catch: Her estranged sister, Coco (Lauren Ambrose of Six Feet Under), is bohemian, unemployed and crashing on a friend's couch. On-screen, the two leads have believable sister chemistry, and the writing is sharp. In short, it works.

Free Radio @ 9:30pm

Lance turns to guests Omarion, Bob Saget and Danneel Harris (One Tree Hill) for the 411 on improving his street cred. He knows he needs help in that area since he made a listener so hot under the collar, he feels the need to hire a bodyguard to protect him. But can the bodyguard be trusted?

In Treatment @ 9pm

A psychotherapist meets with his regular patients Monday through Thursday, and seeks help for himself with his former therapist on Friday. Based on an Israeli series of the same name. Tonight, Paul tries to accept that Kate and Rosie have been keeping secrets from him, and reluctantly takes part in Gina's therapeutic experiment.

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew @ 7:30pm
Entertainers undergo treatment for substance-abuse problems with the guidance of Dr. Drew Pinsky. Catch up on what's happened to all the cast members since some left with out going to sober living. Some of us already know many have slipped since being reported in the media. Looks like we are gonna get a Rehab season two. Enjoy the sober life!