What To Watch: Friday Edition

February 29, 2008 By:

Degrassi: The Next Generation @ 8pm

Marco is no stranger to dire financial situations, but the spot he lands himself in this time brings him to an all-time low. Desperate to keep up with a new friend who enjoys the high life, Marco finds himself sorting through a number of options to get the cash he needs to party with the best of them. When the usual methods come up short, he considers an unusual, and unsavory, offer. Meanwhile, Manny receives an unusual offer as well after getting caught in a compromising position.

Free Radio @ 9:30pm

Catchphrases are pretty much the epitome of comedic simplemindedness. So it makes perfect sense that Lance would try to coin his own in an attempt to raise what he refers to as his "fame meter." Meanwhile, Tony Shalhoub, air guitarist Dan Crane and Shannon Woodward from The Riches are the poor victims forced to humor the pathetic DJ as he works out the phrasing. One can only hope an appearance by snarky gossip columnist Perez Hilton will show Lance that striving for fame has the potential to be very embarrassing.

Your Mama Don't Dance @ 9pm

Prancing parents and capering kids add to the dance-competition craze tonight in a new series that pairs 10 pro hoofers with a not-ready-for-prime-time parent. Mother-son matchups and father-daughter duos try to keep the rhythm and work out the moves without stepping on each others' toes. So will it be ballroom or brawl room? Dancing with the Stars semifinalist Ian Ziering hosts.

In Treatment @ 9:30pm HBO

We haven't seen too much of Paul's wife, Kate (Michelle Forbes), so far this season, but we do know that their marriage is in serious trouble, and that her admission of the end of her affair didn't have Paul jumping for joy. Well, their situation is likely to get worse before it gets better when Kate goes to Paul's session with Gina tonight and finds out that she's not the only one who's been "unfaithful." So whether or not Paul and Kate can patch things up, it will be nice to see Forbes more often because she's next on the list of this show's excellent performances.