What To Watch: Friday Edition

February 15, 2008 By:

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew @ 8pm

Last we saw, Danny Baldwin tweekin' out for some refuge time away from soberville. He disguised it as the rehab environment not conducive to his sobriety. I think it funny that some of these rehabbers claim they did the show to "help out" other trainwrecks, when instead what they really mean is they did the show for publicity of the show and also of course they don't want to admit they really do have a problem. watch the gang turn on Daniel when he pones away from rehab home to check in on the group. Also, shockingly the patients are faced with the decision to either take to the program or discharge themselves. Later, the celebs' family members visit the facility and participate in group-therapy sessions.

Las Vegas @ 9pm

What happens in Vegas? Plenty. Tonight's two-hour Sin City humdinger — the last episode filmed before production stopped — centers on thieves out to pilfer a rare stamp housed at the Montecito. They go postal, indeed, storming the casino and holding staffers hostage. Elsewhere, Delinda dines with Cooper, giving her a prime chance to bare the owner's myriad mysteries. Then there's Mike, whose irate mother discovers that her son got married. Other happenings: Casey's brother (Charlie Koznick) sets his sights on seizing control of the Montecito, and a staffer suffers a shocking tragedy. And it all gets beautiful, it's true, when singer-songwriter James Blunt ("You're Beautiful") makes an appearance.

Monk @ 9pm

Monk heads from the hills of San Francisco as a fugitive from justice in Part 1 of the sixth-season finale. (The conclusion airs next week.) Why is he on the lam? Monk was caught holding the smoking gun at the scene of a murder. And who's the victim? It's the six-fingered man who planted the bomb that killed Trudy. After escaping from a small-town sheriff (Scott Glenn), Monk is running from more than just his fears as he tries to clear his name and find out who framed him. But he can't do it alone, and the awkward position he puts his friends in when he asks for help causes one of them to do the unthinkable.