What To Watch: Weekend Edition

November 7, 2008 By:
What To Watch: Weekend Edition

Don't Forget The Lyrics @ 9pm

Most of the time on this show, we witness ordinary folks (Joe the Singer?) trying their best to remember enough words from a handful of songs to walk away with some cash. But how about when these folks have sold millions of albums? We'll find out tonight how much fame, fortune and almost 20 years of experience count when acclaimed R&B quartet En Vogue reunites to sing for charity.

Sanctuary @ 10pm

Magnus and Co. take animal magnetism to a whole new level when two furry critters called nubbins are added to the menagerie. Not only do the cute newcomers multiply like rabbits on fertility drugs, they also cause the team to express unspoken attractions for each other. Fortunately (or not), nothing short-circuits awkwardness quite like a crisis, which the nubbins handily provide by escaping from their cages.

This Weekend:

True Blood @ 9pm Sunday

Only three more episodes till this season is wrapped...don't miss the conslusion. Sam tells Sookie a secret when he's caught in a difficult position; Jason and Amy plot their next move with Eddie; Arlene and Rene have their engagement party at Merlotte's; and Bill goes on trial for his recent offense.

Entourage @ 10pm Sunday

Vince is unnerved by stern advice from Verner (Stellan Skarsgård), the demanding director of "Smokejumpers." Meanwhile, Eric is dismayed to learn that Seth Green is on the short list for Charlie's pilot, and Andrew receives a makeover from Ari and Lloyd.