What to Watch: Wednesday Editon

October 1, 2008 By:
What to Watch: Wednesday Editon

Pushing Daisies @ 8pm

The weirdest crime procedural on television (and considering the amount of competition, that's saying something) springs back to life with more murder mysteries, colorful characters and G-rated romance between Ned and Chuck, the soul mates who can't even touch each other. The Season 2 premiere finds Chuck acting as the lead investigator when she goes undercover at a honey-based cosmetics company. And Olive lands in an even stickier situation when she learns an astonishing secret from Lily, who tries to lock her away in a nunnery in order to ensure her silence.

Private Practice @ 9pm

The fact that Addison's workplace is the Oceanside Wellness Clinic calls to mind the 1963 Jan and Dean hit "Surf City," where there were "two girls for every boy." Sure enough, that's what lucky Cooper can look forward to with Charlotte and Violet as the second season opens. But for Sam and Dell, who are fighting for Naomi, it's the other way around. The same might be said for Pete, who had ratcheted down to "friends" with Addison when police officer Kevin Nelson (David Sutcliffe) arrived on the scene. We'll see how that one plays out. Meanwhile, the clinic's going broke.

Bones @ 8pm

In the real world, we're waist-deep in the middle of one doozy of a campaign season. But over in TV land, Brennan and Booth are diving into the petty and vindictive pool of corporate politics when the mangled corpse of a power-hungry office manager is found in an elevator shaft. It seems that grudges die hard in this ruthless environment, and it's up to our dynamic duo to push the right buttons to see who's going down.

Dirty Sexy Money @ 10pm

The series about the troubles of the fabulously wealthy returns for a second season, and Lucy Liu joins the cast as the mysterious Nola Lyons. As for the Darlings, they're engaging in one of their favorite pastimes: partying. The occasion for the celebration is Nick's birthday, and Tripp and Letitia throw him an elaborate bash on a yacht. But it's not all fun and games, as tragedy strikes the clan when a death occurs, followed by an arrest.