What to Watch: Wednesday Edition

September 24, 2008 By:
What to Watch: Wednesday Edition

Knight Rider @ 8pm

Get your motor running for this shiny new show about intrigue involving a high-tech, tricked-out car named KITT (voice of Val Kilmer) and its driver, Mike Tracer (Justin Bruening). A revved-up retread of the 1982-86 TV vehicle of the same name, the series slips into gear tonight with Tracer the racer and KITT delivering a package — but their parcel turns out to be a man with top-secret codes inscribed in his DNA. Tracer's travels turn perilous upon the encroachment of enemies, including an enigmatic lady (Paula Garcés) who has detailed knowledge of a past Tracer can't remember.

Lipstick Jungle @ 10 pm

Tonight's second-season premiere opens with BFFs Wendy, Nico and Victory huddled together and laughing... at a funeral. To find out what's so funny, we have to go back five days. When Charles gives Nico a photo that Kirby took of her, Nico immediately plunges into panic mode and considers telling him about her affair. Wendy is in her own state of panic after she catches her daughter using a fake ID and her mother (Mary Tyler Moore) stops by for a surprise visit. Victory, however, is cool and in control after hiring a publicist (Rosie Perez) to help free her from Joe.

Gary Unmarried @ 8:30pm

Divorce can be a funny thing — or at least it is when it's in Jay Mohr's hands. Playing a painting contractor who has recently parted ways with his spouse, Mohr's Gary Brooks is readjusting to single life. In tonight's series premiere, Gary discovers that simple things like dating have become a bit more challenging, and juggling his ex-wife (Paula Marshall) and kids doesn't help.

David Blaine: Dive of Death @ 9 pm

David Blaine is what Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers would call a "rockinfreakapotamus." Simply put, he does things the rest of us would never consider. This time he's attempting to hang upside down on a wire five stories in the air above New York's Wollman Rink, walking the wire using electromagnetic boots, for three days and nights. There's no safety net. And how is he going to get down? Check the title. Can you imagine what this guy pays for insurance?