What To Watch: Tuesday Edition

October 21, 2008 By:
What To Watch: Tuesday Edition
House @ 8 pm
Okay, bromance fans, you had quite a House-Wilson doozy last week, and expect further developments tonight, when Lucas returns to snoop on Wilson. But the main focus is on Thirteen's romantic life: She has a one-night stand, and with a lady, no less. But Thirteen's inamorata might not be interested only in her. And then (how conveniently!) she suddenly comes down with a deadly disease that only you-know-who can figure out.

Fringe @ 9pm
Phenomenon of the week story includes the reappearance of a missing woman with a rare disease puts everyone she meets in jeopardy and coincides with detections of dangerous radiation levels, raising suspicions of a link to illegal drug trials involving humans.

The Mentalist @ 9pm
It doesn't take Patrick Jane's rare gift for observation to realize that when a wealthy banker is murdered and it's discovered he was skimming millions from clients, that his death was probably at the hand of a vengeful client. Where Jane's real talents are used is in the mental game he plays with possible suspects to see if one will reveal a secret.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit @10 pm
Last week we finally got to meet Stabler's mother. This week we meet his old Marine mentor, Dick Finley (James Brolin), who eventually left the corps and became a NASA astronaut. When the body of a famous female astronaut is found in Battery Park, Benson and Stabler investigate, but hit a dead end. So they turn to her former NASA colleague Dick for help, giving Stabler a chance to work with his old friend.

Eli Stone @10pm
Well, God, Sigourney Weaver or whomever certainly works in mysterious ways. Now that the hallucinations — and the aneurysm — have ping-ponged back to the original Stone brother, Eli, it looks like this show will resume the charming, whimsical nature that made the first season so enjoyable. And it doesn't hurt when you can snag a headline-grabbing guest star such as Katie Holmes, playing a woman who sings to Eli in one of his visions, but later meets him for real at a baseball game.