What to Watch: Tuesday Edition

October 14, 2008 By:
What to Watch: Tuesday Edition

Eli Stone @ 10pm

C'mon, you knew Eli's eyes would open at the end of last season, didn't you? Of course, what kind of condition he's in remains to be seen, though Nate said the aneurysm was gone and, in tonight's second season premiere, so are Eli's visions — at least for the last six months. But that doesn't mean the series is free of hallucinations, because now they're happening to Eli's brother. They just might come in handy, too, when Jordan is trapped in a building after a crane accident and Nate thinks he knows where he is. Sigourney Weaver guest stars.

House @ 8pm

Diane Baker and R. Lee Ermey return as House's parents but, sad to say, it'll be a swan song for Ermey because House's dad dies. House's chief emotion, you won't be surprised to learn, won't be simple grief. Still, he does attend the funeral, so that means he must phone in his diagnosis for this week's dying person: a Chinese-American adoptee who falls ill in China while searching for her birth parents. There's also a House-Wilson development of sorts tonight: We'll learn how the two met.

Biggest Loser: Families @ 8pm

As Halloween quickly approaches and scary movies hit the airwaves, viewers will no doubt rediscover what horrors the dark can conceal. The contestants on the Biggest Loser ranch are about to find out firsthand when they face a temptation challenge in the dark. They are presented with a variety of sinfully sweet treats before the lights go out. Will someone fall like a screaming teenager in the woods to calorie carnage?

Fringe @ 9pm

Put aside, for a moment, Olivia's encounter last week with a presumed-dead Agent Scott as a science-fiction trompe l'oeil, and focus instead on the bird-brained ideas of Dr. Bishop. Is that a dismissal of his unconventional contributions thus far? Not in the least. In fact, it's more of a celebration of his eccentric methods, and tonight they involve the use of homing pigeons when there are deadly consequences to a man's unusual ability to harness electricity.