What To Watch: Thursday Editon

October 2, 2008 By:
What To Watch: Thursday Editon

Vice Presidential Debate @ 9pm

Can't wait for the new SNL material to roll out after tonight's debate. Here's a shocker: Tonight's vice-presidential debate between Joe Biden (D) and Sarah Palin (R) is likely to score higher ratings than the first presidential debate. The reason, of course, is Palin, who is often portrayed as little more than this generation's Dan Quayle — likable, but lightweight — in her short time on the national stage. While Biden is no Lloyd Bentsen, his performance (unless he comes across as condescending or a bully) will soon be forgotten. Pundits and viewers alike will be dissecting Palin's grasp of the issues — or lack thereof.

My Name is Earl @ 8pm

Well, the overblown Joy, always one to pop off, finds herself in bubble trouble tonight. Our never bland blonde is rendered incapacitated when she lands smack-dab in a sterile orb due to a flesh-eating toe infection. Earl takes it upon himself to assume her role in life. (He'll need to quickly learn the fine art of malicious gossiping.) While filling in, he discovers her outcast children (Louis T. Moyle, Trey Carlisle) apparently suffer from a social disorder, so he sets out to help them.

Ugly Betty @ 8pm

Betty is back as a bright but ordinary-looking woman is a fish out of water working at a glitzy fashion magazine.
Tonight, new Mode editor Wilhelmina tries to entice Betty to take a job as her assistant; Daniel's desire to keep his son in the U.S. hits a snag in the form of a custody battle; Christina finds reason to be wary of her estranged husband's motives.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia @ 10pm

Remember a few weeks ago when Mac was a manhunter? Well, he'll get a taste of what it's like to be a man hunted tonight, when his dad, the ever-charming Luther (Gregory Scott Cummins), is once again released from prison and comes gunning for him and Charlie. What to do? Luther can't kill them if they're already dead, they figure, and the lunacy that ensues will take two back-to-back episodes to play out.