What To Watch: Thursday Edition

December 4, 2008 By:
What To Watch: Thursday Edition

Barbara Walters Special: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2008 @10 pm

'Tis the season for Babs' annual Top 10 countdown (her 16th) of her most "fascinating" notables. As always, the No. 1 selection remains a secret, but we'd be really surprised if it's anybody other than a certain Illinois politician. As for the others, they range from celebs Miley Cyrus and Will Smith to Olympic megamedalist Michael Phelps, pregnant guy Thomas Beatie, radio talker Rush Limbaugh and a certain Alaska governor who knows how to dress a moose (and Tina Fey, who plays her on TV).

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation @ 9 pm

Tonight's intriguing episode is populated with some old-school Hollywood brass, including Tippi Hedren, Robert Guillaume, Ralph Waite and producer George Schlatter. The hour examines the hunger for fame in two time periods: present day Las Vegas and the fading Jim Crow-era of the 1950s. An investigation gets underway when a popular singer is killed outside of an infamous Las Vegas nightclub. Soon, the murder is connected to a case from over 50 years ago.

Grey's Anatomy @ 9 pm

Now that November sweeps are over, let's see if Denny Duquette can go back to being dead. He hasn't done Izzie much good in his latest incarnation, and Alex — if he knew what has been going on — might want to kill him all over again. Meanwhile, what's up with Cristina and Owen? Perhaps we'll find out tonight. And Sadie (Melissa George) certainly has made her presence felt. Last time it was that appendectomy catastrophe, and now she might just be hitting on Callie.

Sarah Silverman Program @ 10:30 pm

If Sarah vanished from Earth, or at least the public eye, tomorrow, her legacy as one funny gal — albeit a lazy, self-absorbed and irresponsible one — would be certified. But in the interest of crafting a more well-rounded renown, she strives to coin a word, "ozay," that will be forevermore part of the lexicon of slang. Unfortunately, Sarah has far less success than Brian does with his submission, "dot-nose."