What To Watch On TV

June 6, 2008 By:
What To Watch On TV

Battlestar Galactica @ 10pm

For being not much more than a backlit bathtub, you have to admit that the Cylon resurrection thingy is a pretty effective prop. But who needs special effects when there's a naked ex-warrior princess soaking in that creepy bubble bath? Lucy Lawless reprises her role as D'Anna, the Cylon troublemaker that Brother Cavil had "boxed" for being too inquisitive about the Final Five.

Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation @ 9pm

The fourth season begins with some big changes on the Kalahari. Flower's death has left a power vacuum — with two sisters, Rocket Dog and Maybelline, vying for control of the once-mighty Whiskers clan. Maybelline sees another opportunity, however, and strikes off to become matriarch of the Aztecs, setting the stage for a new rivalry. With old foes the Commandoes waiting in the wings, and the sisters struggling to keep control over their respective clans, this season is shaping up to be the most chaotic yet. The series itself also has a change, as Stockard Channing takes over as narrator.

This Weekend:

America's Best Dance Crew @ 2pm Saturday

Summer is here and dance session has begun! This hit show did so well recently for season 1, that they are back to keep us entertained for the summer. Summer shows have surprisingly gotten a large amount of viewership and the fact that other shows are off until the fall, it really gives them a chance to shine and grab our attention--at least till our fave shows come back!

Living Lohan @ 10:30pm Sunday

It's too bad big sis Lindsay won't be making many appearances on the lively reality show, she would definitely bring some action some juicy lesbian gossip for us to talk about. In the meantime, Mama Lohan will keep us glued as she mentors lil sissy Ali to become what Lindsay used to be before she hit rehab a few times! And with all the drama still going on between Papa Lohan and Mama Lohan, perhaps we will catch a glimpse of these two messes as they try not to wreck their kids' up anymore:)

Denise Richards: It's Complicated @ 10pm Sunday

Another celebreality star with much juicy gossip running the mill is Denise Richard's with Charlie Sheen's recent nuptials with Brooke Mueller. Sheen stated his first marriage was for show and his second was a con--ouch! I guess he doesn't think too highly of either of his exes. But I am willing to bet, both have their reasons for having divorced. Let's hope his latest will last for a lifetime. And let's find a "normal" man for Denise to hook up with! Yeah right--what's normal enough for Denise??