What To Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition

August 13, 2008 By:
What To Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition
Shear Genius @ 10pm
"Everybody's starting to hate each other." That's the blunt assessment of contestant Daniel about this snippy crew of hair crafters. It was a real dogfight last week when the gang styled the hair of pooches. While Dee ended up being top dog, it was ruff going for loser Nekisa and her "flat" rendering. There will likely be more nasty bites and barks tonight when the remaining five must create back-to-school looks for a group of active 5-year-olds. Later, they shape the hair of their significant others. Which hairdo will be a hair don't?

Project Runway @ 9pm
The remaining dozen designers must create outfits for professional women tonight. And who better to judge designs for working women than a woman who's been working since she was a kid--actress Brooke Shields.

Criss Angel: Mindfreak
Check out the new Las Vegas dance show choreographed by Wade Robson as part of the Criss Angel Vegas show. Should be super hot, dancing and magical illusions!! How does Criss come up with this stuff? This week, he is handcuffed and stuffed inside an 85-gallon drum, which is then stuffed inside a wooden box, before being lifted 100 feet in the air. Now comes the scary part: Once the box reaches the 100-foot mark, it will automatically open and send the box (and whoever happens to be inside) plummeting. Can Mr. Angel get himself out of the handcuffs and the barrel and escape before slamming into the ground?

Buzzin' @ 10:30pm
Cisco and Shwayze travel to the East Coast for a radio tour, but the guys face challenges from the start of the trip when they discover there's a problem with the CD samplers they're taking with them.