What To Watch On TV: Tuesday Edition

September 16, 2008 By:
What To Watch On TV: Tuesday Edition
House @ 8pm
As the fifth season opens, it has been eight weeks since Amber's death and Wilson is still in quite the funk. Just back from bereavement leave, he announces that he's leaving Princeton-Plainsboro for good. Not surprisingly, House's reaction to the news is the elephant in the room for the entire episode. In fact, tonight's medical challenge (a 37-year-old workaholic assistant to a hard-charging feminist leader) is just background noise to him — until he notices that Thirteen is getting emotionally involved the case.

90210 @ 8pm
Could you really call the show 90210 if Brenda and Kelly didn't have a spat over a guy? This time around the gal pals disagree about Kelly's friendship with fellow West Beverly staff member Ryan. But wait, didn't Brenda encourage Kelly to go out with Ryan in the first place? Hmm. Over at the Wilsons, Dixon recognizes the strain a Beverly Hills lifestyle can have on the wallet and decides to get work at the Peach Pit. Such a good kid, that Dixon.

Lincoln Heights @ 8pm
As the drama returns for its third season, violence once again enters the lives of the Sutton family, this time coming directly into their home. While Eddie and Jenn are away, there's a break-in at their house. The place isn't empty though — Cassie is there with boyfriend Charles. The two of them try to hide, but the thugs eventually find them, and things escalate to the point where Cassie and Charles are held hostage during a police standoff.

Big Brother 10 @ 9pm
A Renegade will be the champion of the series' 10th edition, but will it be Dan or Memphis? The dynamic duo executed their winning plan to perfection when they evicted 75-year-old Jerry last week. Now, after 71 days of confinement, one will walk away with $500,000 and the other with $50,000. Also, viewers award $25,000 to their favorite juror. Do you think it just might be Jerry?