What To Watch On TV: Friday Edition

August 8, 2008 By:
What To Watch On TV: Friday Edition
Summer Olympics @ 7:30pm
It's opening night for the Beijing Olympic Games as National Stadium, aka "The Bird's Nest," welcomes 10,000 performers, 91,000 on-site attendees and a television audience expected to be in the billions for the opening ceremony. The traditional elements of this gala event are the parade of athletes (Greece is the first of 205 countries; host China arrives last) and, in what has become an Olympic tradition, the "Can You Top This?" lighting of the Olympic cauldron. An elaborate fireworks display, set off from 1,800 sites around the city, is expected to feature such shapes as the Olympic rings, smiley faces and a dragon. Other expected highlights, according to press leaks, are images of giant whales, an illuminated globe and a sequence featuring performers flying through the air. Bob Costas and Matt Lauer serve as co-hosts.

Swingtown @ 10pm
After last week's chaotic night at the house, Bruce insists on taking a wholesome family trip to the cabin. But things don't go exactly as planned as Laurie finds a way to keep plans with Doug and Bruce catches Susan on a call with Roger.

Monk @ 9pm
When Monk finds out he has to pass a physical fitness test for the SFPD, he attempts to train, but he doesn't get very far when he keeps stopping during a run to rearrange the hurdles. He finally decides to give up on his dream of reinstatement, but later finds himself reinspired when a case introduces him to an old boxer making a comeback.

Psych @ 10pm
The guys are really psyched tonight when Shawn's uncle Jack (Steven Weber) shows up with an antique map purported to reveal the location of buried Spanish treasure. Even though good old Jack is known for being even more irresponsible than his nephew, Gus, Shawn and even Henry start digging for the pieces of eight. But they end up finding trouble instead when some unscrupulous raiders try to get a piece of them and stop the trio from finding the treasure first.