What 's On TV Tonight?

January 17, 2008 By:

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew @ 10pm

In the debut of this new series, we got a close-up look at how entertainers' lives can spiral totally out of control when substance abuse takes hold. Some were even intoxicated as Dr. Drew admitted them to rehab — not the least among them Jeff Conaway, who experienced serious withdrawal symptoms. That was just a precursor to what audiences can expect tonight, as Jeff continues his troubles and Seth Binzer struggles coming off of powerful opiates. Later, Dr. Drew mediates the first of many group-therapy sessions.

Ugly Betty @ 8pm

Christina is one tough cookie, but she always seems to melt in the presence of Wilhelmina, especially when the Evil One has something the budding fashion designer needs or blackmails her into submission. But will Christina draw the line at carrying Wilhelmina's baby? Elsewhere, Claire finally gets her day in court for killing Fey Sommers, who, incidentally, is responsible for the perfume that's driving Betty crazy.

ER @ 10pm

Ah, the fabled office romance. It's even more intense when that office is an emergency room. Tonight, Pratt, Gates and Sam attempt to balance work and romance in the wake of a patient's guilty conscience. Is Pratt as ready for the next step as Bettina? Is there a future for Gates and Julia, or will a certain beleaguered — yet increasingly confident — charge nurse claim Gates as her own? Temptation. Frustration. Gotta love it.

Grey's Anatomy @ 9pm

What a difference a year makes! Last season, Cristina was sleeping with the cardiothoracic chief; but in this November 2007 episode she's staring daggers at the new one, steely Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith). Meanwhile, Izzie is now officially half of "Gizzie" (as she and George have been dubbed by fans), while the chief wants to corral the guys for a "gentlemen's evening."