What Happens In Vegas Movie Review

May 14, 2008 By:
What Happens In Vegas Movie Review

Just when films like 'Made of Honor' and 'Over Her Dead
Body' made you want to never hear the words 'romantic'
or 'comedy' again, 'What Happens in Vegas' arrives to
remind you that nothing's nicer that pretty people in

Joy McNally (Cameron Diaz) is a commodities trader
dumped by her fiancé at his surprise birthday party.
Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) gets fired by his dad
after one too many goof-offs. They both decide to bury
their troubles in the place where all emotional
healing takes place: Las Vegas.

Due to a hotel screw-up, they're booked into the same
room and after nearly killing each other, decide to
have a drink together. That drink turns into several
which culminates in a drunken wedding. The next day,
they decide they still hate each other and as they
depart, Kutcher uses Diaz's quarter to win a $3 mil
jackpot. Their divorce is denied by Judge Whopper
(Dennis Miller, briefly used to remind us when he was
beyond funny) and they're sentenced to live together
for six months, complete with counseling.

It quickly turns into a War of the Roses vibe where
they do everything to torture each other to force the
other to forfeit their share of the money. Kutcher's
Jack does everything from using the kitchen sink as a
second toilet (something every guy has thought about)
to removing the toilet seat entirely. Ouch.

Kutcher finally has a vehicle that he can point to in
showing he can carry a film and the leggy Miss Diaz
shows how Jack (or any straight man) can forget about
money to try to win her. Their chemistry is evident in
funny scenes with their therapist (Queen Latifah) as
well as when the moments leading up to their second
divorce hearing.

Rob Corddry and Lake Bell are Kutcher and Diaz'
respective best friends, Hater and Tipper, whose
love-hate relationship brings out the biggest laughs
in the movie. Corddry (Harold and Kumar: Escape from
Guantanamo Bay) is insanely funny as probably the
worst lawyer in the world. Despite the obvious
chemistry with Diaz and Kutcher, this is the couple
that you really want to see. You'll wish they spent a
few more minutes working on this couple. First time
feature director Tom Vaughan allowed Diaz and Kutcher
to hit the right spots at the right times in what
could've been an overboard attempt at being funny.

See this movie to watch good-looking opposites attract
and why you should always keep your eye on your
boyfriend whenever he goes near a sink.

Billy Tatum gives 'What Happens In Vegas' four and a half scoops.