What to Expect From the 2011 MTV Movie Awards

June 6, 2011 By:
What to Expect From the 2011 MTV Movie Awards

MTV executives may make the Movie Award nominations, but the voting is left up to the public, and if you put in your vote this year—you're already part of all the hoopla.

Celebrities have already started showing up on the red carpet, and Hollyscoop is in the middle of all of it, covering the latest happenings and talking to all the stars.

The MTV Movie Awards will give out the coveted popcorn bucket in a variety of interesting categories, including: Best Kiss, Best Villain, Best Scared as Sh-t Performance and, a more traditional category, Best Movie.

The Twilight Saga is expected to sweep the night, having been nominated in six categories: Best Kiss, Best Fight, Best Breakout Star, Best Female Performance, Best Male Performance and Best Movie.
With all due respect to Twihards, if Black Swan and Inception get overlooked by Twilight, the public seriously needs a film education.

My guess is Best Kiss will go to Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. And I think an entire population of straight men would like to give Darren Aranofsky an award for making that happen.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page were also nominated, but I don't see it happening, because I honestly don't even remember them kissing in Inception.

Russell Brand in Get Him to the Greek is my prediction for Best Comedic Performance. The public seems to have a comedic fascination with his snide British humor.

It's hard to beat Aziz Ansari, but SNL's Jason Sudeikis will no doubt hold his own with hosting duties.

Sudeikis said:
"I’m sincerely flattered that the folks from the Mostly Teenage Viewers network have invited me to host this year, and I look forward to keeping the streak of flawless and critically lauded movie awards show hosting in 2011 alive."