WGA Strike: Who Loses?

November 12, 2007 By:
WGA Strike:  Who Loses?

The first official week of the WGA strike is over, but we're just now starting to feel a little bit of the burn. As suspected all late night talk shows switched to reruns, reality TV is becoming more of a focus, and all of us are just waiting until new episodes of primetime shows stop.

Everyone has a different opinion on the matter, whether your Ellen Degeneres or a staff writer on Heroes or a random talking head blabbing his 30 second sound bit on CNBC on a Friday afternoon.

Although the WGA has to draw a line in the sand now as far as proper residuals are concerned in the digital world, some of our biggest losers here are the Below the Line folks. Your grunts on the set. Good hard working people that are suddenly out of a job.

It was reported that 'The Office' production offices officially closed on Saturday. Some below the line people wrote letters to both the studios and the WGA, essentially saying, "We're the ones that really get screwed," and it's hard to dispute that.

Technically they could supplement income working in reality TV or the adult industry, but is that what these people really want to do? Would they be getting paid the same amount as they did on 'The Office', for example? Highly doubt it!

The Mayor is offering help in his own way; Gov. Schwarzenegger wants to be some sort of mediator since he still has a lot of industry connections.

Don't get me wrong I support the WGA, but sometimes taking a stand isn't easy and often you can get a lot of flak for it. At the end of the day there really are no easy answers to this, so let's hope it will end soon.