Weeds Season Six Preview

July 22, 2010 By:
Weeds Season Six Preview

If you're as big of a Weeds fans as I am, you already have your calendar marked for the season premiere.

Season five ended with Nancy's son Shane killing Esteban's "wife" and her motionless body flowing in a pool of blood...in the pool. So season six of course follows Nancy, played by Mary-Louise Parker, packing up and moving the family "north."

With no where to go and the Mexican mob looking for them, the new season is sure to be filled with tons of drama--and laughs. Oh and by the way, they're no longer the Botwins, they're the Newmans!

Check out some behind the scenes stuff from the new season below...can't wait!

Season six stars on Monday, August 16th at 10PM/ET on Showtime.