Weeds Recap!

August 19, 2008 By:
Weeds Recap!

Nancy is still boinkin' the Tijuana drug kingpin mayor guy. Because of her stressed-induced migraine, Esteban takes her to some herbalist dude to drink some peyote or whatever. Celia is being brought into an intervention.

Andy has found Maria, and smuggles her along with a few others across the border with the help of Doug. Minuteman extraordinaire, and over-muscular women obsessed, Lee Majors catches them in the act but lets them go never wanting to see them again.

Silas is babysitting Lisa's son while she's out to dinner with her ex-husband. Silas is having all kinds of second thoughts on what he's actually doing. Shane brings over two edgy girls from school whom he thinks he's going to have sex with.

At the end we still don't know transpired, only that they are all asleep lying down next to each other. There are some mystery boxes that are being smuggled in to the Maternity shop. Nancy doesn't know what's inside but remains curious.