We Love Celeb Sightings!

August 7, 2006 By:
We Love Celeb Sightings!

We got some sightings in the Hollyscoop house. The three of us decided to part ways on Friday and we all managed to have some sort of celeb sighting. You ready for the scoop?

Dee decided to go to the movies and watch Will Ferrell’s “Talladega Nights”. She obviously wasn’t the only one who decided to make it a movie night. Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz along with 20 other friends decided to watch the same funny movie. Below is Dee’s email to us……obviously we get excited over sightings too!

Hey Guys- Just came to the Arc light theatres to watch Talladega Nights and I saw Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz. They walked in together not holding
hands. Justin was ahead searching for his 20 people group as Cameron was
hiding her face from other moviegoers. At the movies Justin enjoyed
himself with sour patch and red vines.

Ani was dining at Malo restaurant and ran intoEddie Furlong on a date with some chick. The chick was extremely nervous and it was obvious it was a first date because they kept asking each other personal questions (the uncomfortable getting to know each other questions). She was doing a lot of the talking.

As for myself, I was super tired and not in the mood to go out. It was around 9 when I started craving sushi. We went down to Sushi Café on Beverly and the first person I ran into was Dave Navarro. He was dining with some buff dude and the waitress kept throwing herself on the newly single Dave. He didn’t seem to mind. It was quiet chilly outside but Dave was still wearing his infamous black wife beater with matching black pants. He looks exactly the same in real life as he does on TV. I could tell he was enjoying being out.

Saturday night the girls and I regrouped and decided to hit the Hollywood scene. At first we went to Element, around midnight we decided to make a cameo at hot spot Les Deux. The place was really crowded with a good-looking group of people. We saw Brody Jenner there chillin with the “guys”. No Cavawho in site and rumor has it that the two are dunzo. I could definitely say it didn’t look like he had a girlfriend, but then again none of those kind of guys look like they have girlfriends when they were out with the boys. Brody you always look next time just say hello. We don’t bite!