Warren Beatty And Annette Bening's Son Discusses Life As Himself

July 20, 2012 By:
Warren Beatty And Annette Bening's Son Discusses Life As Himself

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening's son Stephen is getting some attention for a YouTube video he posted about his life as a transgender male.

Born Kathlyn Elizabeth Beatty, Stephen, now 20 has been living as a gay male for years, and plans to one day complete gender reassignment surgery.

The clearly intelligent, articulate young man has posted a video of himself (making no reference to who his family is) answering the stock “7 Questions” presented to members of his community via We Happy Trans.

“A place for sharing positive trans perspectives,” the website was created “so that trans people could share stories of positive experiences, so the wider world could see that, like any other community, we too thrive, struggle, and overcome…”

They goes on in the longest run-on sentence ever and sums it up nicely with, “We are you. We are here, now.”

In the video, Stephen praises We Happy Trans and introduces himself, "My name is Stephen. I identify as a trans man, a faggy queen, a homosexual, a queer, a nerd fighter, a writer, an artist and a guy who needs a haircut…" (and he does).

And then goes on to summarize some of his experiences and his outlook on being of the transgender persuasion since he began his social transition around the age of 14.

At one point he gives thanks to the people that have been most supportive of him, but makes no references to his celebrity parents -- who over the years have been rumored to have struggled with the choices of their son has made, Warren more so than Annette.

We've reached out to the celebrity parents for a comment on Stephen's video, however, our calls were not returned.

Stephen talks about enjoying being male, but also being socially allowed to present himself, at times, as an ultra feminine gay man.

His style icons include Truman Capote and “any male identified person who wears thigh-highs or garters – the world belongs to you!”

He talks of other role models, writers, books, his education, aspirations, support systems, misconceptions, tea pots and -- because, why not? -- comic books (specifically Watchmen… take that and run with it you psych majors).

The whole thing is over six minutes long, and though it might be difficult to keep track of the evolution of his true self, it's clear that he’s a highly educated young lad who’s thankful to be in a society that accepts him as he is, even if we can’t necessarily put a label on it.