Why We Don’t Care That The Wanted Are Breaking Up

January 22, 2014 By:
Why We Don’t Care That The Wanted Are Breaking Up
Image By: Getty Images / D Dipasupil

The Wanted announced that after their Word of Mouth tour this year, the band will be breaking up.

Were you ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED by the news? Or were you more like, eh, meh, whatev. Yeah, us too.


We really WANTED to shed a tear, but something tells us we’ll survive this fallen boy band because...


Don’t get us wrong. We’ll surely miss The Wanted and we’re glad they all came. But for every Max, Nathan, Jay, Tom, and Siva...

There's a Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis.


We’re not exactly celebrating that there won’t be any new Wanted music in 2014.


Because there will always be more music like that elsewhere.

Whoops, not there.




And more tours.


And more overpriced merchandise to decorate our bedrooms and school supplies.


Basically when they’re gone, there will always be someone to remind us they were around.


The Wanted: You’ll always live on in our hearts.


Just like these guys: