Max George Talks About His Loud Sex

March 23, 2013 By:
Max George Talks About His Loud Sex
Image By: Splash News

Max George is arguably the heart-throbiest member of The Wanted, no? He’s definitely the Harry Styles of the group and by that we mean, he’s a total ladies man! Heyo! Up-top! This guy knows what I’m talking about!

The boys just moved into a mansion in LA and naturally Max George was the first to bring home a girl and he woke up his bandmates with their loud love making.

“They said there was a bit of noise,” Max told E! News, “What can I say? I’m a good shag.”

We LOVE how DGAF (don’t give a f*ck) The Wanted are. They will literally talk about ANYTHING. Just last week they outed Justin Bieber for partying harder than they do.

But let’s get back to Max George’s sex life, because we’re sure it’s filled with STD’s fun.

He and Jay McGuiness are the only single dudes in the house and since Jay is the curly haired adorable one that totally looks like a long-term relationship kind of guy, we’re assuming Max is the ONLY one bringing home chicks.

When asked about how many girls he bangs, Max says, “one a week… it keeps the doctor away.”