Max George Caught on Caught on Fire… Literally

February 2, 2013 By:
Max George Caught on Caught on Fire… Literally
Image By: Splash News

News broke on Friday that Max George, the scruffy bad boy of UK group The Wanted, had gone and caught himself on fire.

The Sun reports that, during a pyrotechnic stunt at an L.A. show, the singer’s sleeve of his pin-up jacket caught some flames. He apparently walked through a wall of fire, so it was kind of inevitable…

On the incident, George says: “It was scary, my arm was on fire. Luckily there was no damage but it could have been a disaster.”

The accident calls to mind such other fire-related mishaps as…

Michael Jackson: In 1984, the pop legend’s hair caught fire during a shoot for a Pepsi ad. The incident played out in front of 3,000 fans. Some have gone so far as to blame his struggle with addiction on the medication he took to cope with the pain that resulted.

Some Model at a Live Diddy Show: Comedian Kevin Hart freaks out when this random model gets her 15 minutes of fame in the worst possible way ever.

The best part is how long it takes this chick to realize that her head is serving as a candlestick.

Justin Bieber’s Mom: While blowing out a cake full of candles, Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette, lit her hair on fire. JB was close by to keep this incident from getting out of hand—what a guy!