How did Max George Almost Drown in a Hot Tub?

June 20, 2013 By:
How did Max George Almost Drown in a Hot Tub?

Max George (the hot one) of The Wanted almost drowned the other day, you guys! He was drunk and hot-tubbing and almost died! #PartyPeopleProblems

So, how did this heartthrob find himself so wasted and sinking into a vat of hot water all alone?

The boys of The Wanted spend 90% of their lives partying and the other 10% screeching over pop songs that One Direction rejected. So, like usual, Max was drunk and decided, in the middle of the night, to go hot-tubbing alone.

“I went under water in the middle of the night in the hot tub and didn’t know. I owe a massive thank you to our night cameraman – he actually saved my life,” Max told the Daily Star.

Thanks to Hollywood’s annoying habit of filming everything, in this one instance, having a camera crew at his house actually saved his life.

Max added that fellow bandmate Nathan Sykes (the small one) helped him too. 

“He just was not strong enough to pick me up. But he did help drag my naked, wrinkled body out!”

These boys, whose motto is basically just DGAF all the time, also added, “It wasn't that we weren't aware we were being filmed, we were so intoxicated we didn't care!''